Small Animal Beds + Bedding

When you have a pet you want to make sure that it stays warm and safe while it is sleeping and to help you with this we have a range of small animal bedding supplies. We have cosy beds for rabbits that have cotton covers with imitation sheep skin to keep them snug, cushy beds for rabbits that look like a small dog bed and can also be used for larger rodents and a range of nesting suitable for use with mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats and other rodents. All of the nesting bedding that we sell is totally safe and will not cause your animal any problems at all, they are created from bio degradable substances that are non toxic. So the next time you are looking for bedding for your small animal we have everything that you might ever need.
Wigwam Guinea Pig Tent
Cosy Bed For Rabbits
Safebed Small Animal Bedding Wool 2kg
Paper Shavings Bedding
Safebed Small Animal Fluff Bedding
Cuddly Rabbit Bed