Rotastak Accessories And Spares

If you have Rotastack products for your pet you might be in need of spares to repair your unit or to help you to change its layout and make it more interesting for your pet. Right now we have the following products in stock: connector tubes to make tunnels and rooms fit together, adaptord, u – bends to change direction of tunnels, crossroads for use with 4 tunnels or rooms, wonder wheels, ladders water bottles, end caps to seal the end of tunnels, anti gnaw rings to stop your pet from chewing, security clips to make the unit more stable and plugs for the walls and floor. In short no matter what you need for your Rotastack home, we have it all. Choose items and you can build your pet the most exciting home ever in a matter of minutes.
Rotastak Water Bottle Out of stock
Rotastak Hamster Cage Security Clip
Rotastak Hamster Cage Extension Clip
Rotastak Hamster Wonder Wheel
Rotastak Connector Tubes Out of stock
Rotastak Anti-gnaw Rings Out of stock
Rotastak Crossroads
Rotastak U-bend Elbow Piece Out of stock
Rotastak Adaptors Out of stock