PetSafe Staywell Cat Flaps

We stock a range of PetSafe Staywell cat flaps which range from a straightforward cat flap to the more sophisticated magnetic flaps which allow access to only cats wearing a collar magnet. All Staywell products meet the highest standards and are durable and will last for many years. We also have PetSafe Staywell cat flap spare parts and have extendable tunnels if you want to fit your cat flap to a cavity wall.
Staywell 919 4-Way Locking Cat Flap - Pet Stuff Online Save 20%
Petsafe Staywell 932 Magnetic Cat Flap Save 20%
PetSafe Staywell 300 Cat Flap Sale
Staywell Small Pet Door (ref 715 / 730) Out of stock
Staywell Cat Collar Magnets x2 (980)
Staywell 700 Series Extension Tunnel Save 20%
Staywell 200 Series Spare Flap Out of stock