Agility Tunnel For Smaller Dogs

This Trixie Agility tunnel is especially for small dogs and puppies. This tunnel offers your dog a varied training programme and keeps your dog fit. Playing with the dog means to intensify the relationship between dog and master and to build up the faith in the master. The tunnel can be built up and dismantled quickly. Tips for correct dog training and use are included with this item. For handy transportation this item is supplied with nylon bag in which the agility tunnel can be kept for space-saving.

  • prepare your dog a varied fitness programme
  • exercises keep the dog fit and give a long and healthy life
  • playing with the dog intensifies the relation and helps to build up confidence in the master
  • for indoor and outdoor use

General tips:
  1. Before starting with the training your dog should always be warmed up
  2. Never let your dog practise on a full stomach and do not feed your dog right after the training.
  3. Do not expect too much from your dog and challenge him slowly
  4. Make this sport fitting to your dog
  5. Give your dog the possibility of rest during the training units. Make sure that there is always a bowl of fresh water for your dog.
  6. Please note that the dog’s training should always finish with a positive experience
Important: Pet your dog and give him a reward during the training - this motivates and supports the trust

The training can start:
If your dog does not know training with the tunnel you should build it up in a steady way and with a maximum starting length of approx 1 m only. Always fix the tunnel with the attached pegs, so that it cannot roll off.

The training phases:
The first two training phases should be carried out by two people. One person stands at the entrance of the tunnel and pays attention to that while the dog is also right at the tunnel’s entrance. Then the other person walks to the exit of the tunnel, looks through the opening and calls the dog by command like "tunnel“. Whenever your dog runs through the tunnel you should praise him properly and give him little treats.

If your dog runs through the tunnel without any problems and without being afraid you can start with the second training phase: Now stretch the tunnel. If the dog also runs through the stretched version you can offer your dog a new challenge by bending the tunnel.
You can optimize the training by running alongside the tunnel while the dog runs through it. Motivate your dog by giving him treats and throwing his favourite toy, which promotes fitness and speed.
If your dog likes to train with the agility tunnel you can challenge him by using a so called "sack tunnel".

Agility tunnel, nylon, dark blue, 40 cm / 2.00 m.