Dog Medical

We have everything that you will need to keep your dog healthy at home. We stock items such as: tick tweezers for removing ticks and fleas from your dog’s coat, nursing kits for puppies, pill guns for getting your dog to swallow pills, dog boots for if your dog has a poorly foot, smart collars to prevent your dog from chewing a wound, flea powders and sprays. We also supply items such as diffusers which can be used to calm your dog down at certain times of the year such as Bonfire night when loud noises can upset your dog.
Johnsons Small Dog One Dose Wormer
Green-um Dog Tablets
Serene-Um Calm Tablets
Serene-Um Calming Drops
Serene-Um Calm Xtra Tablets Save 16%
Johnsons Travel-eze Capsules
Johnsons Garlic Tablets
Johnsons Pet Diarrhoea Tablets
Johnsons Sweet Breath Tablets
Johnsons Bitch And Deodorant Tablets
Johnsons Cod Liver Oil Capsules
Johnsons Antibacterial Powder
Johnsons Pet Tea Tree Skin Cream
Vetzyme Dog Conditioning Tablets
Vetzyme Flexible Joint Tablets
Johnsons Skin-eze Cream
Johnsons Anti Scratch Spray
High Strength Vetzyme Flexible Joint Tablets
Beaphar Rock Sulphur 100g Out of stock
Beaphar Gastrine Tablets
Granulated Charcoal 150g
Joint Aid For Dogs
Stool Repel-Um Tablets
Johnsons Evening Primrose Oil Capsules
Trixie Absorbent Pads For Pants
Trixie Dog Collar Cone
Trixie Animal Nursing / Mothering Kit
Finger Toothbrush For Dogs
Trixie Dental Care Set For Dogs
Tick Tweezers
Beaphar Lactol Puppy And Kitten Milk
Otodex Ear Drops
Hi Life Daily Dental Chews Out of stock
Hi Life Spearmint Daily Dental Chews Out of stock
Johnsons Clean And Safe Disinfectant