Dog Grooming and Cleansing

It is very important that you groom and clean your dog (or cat) correctly and on a regular basis. To assist you with this we have equipment and treatments that will help you to deal with any matted or dirty fur without causing your dog any distress. You should always follow a grooming routine and use the most suitable brushes for your dog’s coat. Take a look at the wide range that we stock and you will be able to get the right brush or grooming glove that will help you to care for your dog or cat with ease.
Dog Grooming Glove
Thinning Scissors Single Sided
Thinning Scissors Double Sided
Mikki Stripping Knife Out of stock
Pet Guillotine Nail Clippers
Johnsons Coat Care Shampoo
Stripping Knife Coarse
Stripping Knife Fine