Cat Grooming

Grooming your cat is important to keep its coat looking great and to ensure that it is healthy. We have everything that you would ever need to groom your cat such as: Deshedding tools, soft cat brushes that are suitable for kittens, salon cart brushes, brush sets, rubber grooming accessories that will help to pick up the excess fur that your cat sheds as you are grooming it and flea combs. We also finishing mitts to give your cats coat an extra glossy appearance. To get the most from your grooming routine you should also use a cat safe shampoo and we have kitten shampoo that is also for use on puppies and a cat flea repellant shampoo to keep your cats fur free from fleas. If your cat suffers from furballs you might want to try out Defurr-UM paste which helps to eliminate these by lubricating your cats digestive tract allowing swallowed fur to pass through their system easily.
Zoom Groom For Cats
Defurr-Um Hairball Paste
Cat Brush
Johnsons Cat Flea Cleansing Shampoo 200ml
Johnsons Puppy And Kitten Shampoo Out of stock
Tick Tweezers
Pet Guillotine Nail Clippers
Johnsons Coat Care Shampoo